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131: 5 things to support healthy weight loss (that have nothing to do with calories or macros)


Hi friends! I’ve got a new podcast episode up for ya.

For today’s post, I wanted to talk about a few weight loss strategies that have nothing to do with calories or macros. I think it’s so common to hear, “calories in vs. calories out” but there are so many other strategies and things to consider that can impact our goals.

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice and not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any medical conditions. Talk to a doctor or your practitioner for individual concerns.

Also, this is my friendly personal trainer reminder to NOT focus on weight as much as body composition. Focus on the variables you can’t SEE: how do you feel? Is your schedule realistic for you? Is this something you can maintain? What’s your performance and energy like? Immune system function? Hormone function? These are all indicators of a happy body that a scale is unable to measure.

Here’s what I talk about in this episode:

– Why the topic of weight loss can be taboo, finding your body’s set point, and why body composition is more important than weight

– 5 things to support your healthy weight loss goals (and health in general)

– How to set up your plate

– Adding more daily steps

– How alcohol affects weight loss (or weight loss resistance)

and so much more!

The digestive enzymes I love are from Sakara (they are the probiotics; use XOGINAH) and Now Foods (use FITNESSISTA)

More resources from this episode:

I’ve been loving Athletic Greens! This link gets you 5 free travel packs and a year’s supply of Vitamin D3/K2.

If any of my fellow health professional friends are looking for another way to help their clients, I highly recommend IHP. You can also use this information to heal yourself and then go one to heal others, which I think is a beautiful mission. You can absolutely join if you don’t currently work in the health or fitness industry; many IHPs don’t begin on this path. They’re friends who are passionate to learn more about health and wellness, and want to share this information with those they love. You can do this as a passion, or start an entirely new career.

You can use my referral link here and the code FITNESSISTA for up to $250 off the Integrative Health Practitioner program. I finished Level 1 and am working my way through Level 2. I highly recommend it! You can check out my review IHP here!

I’m still obsessed with my sauna blanket – you can use the code FITNESSISTA15 for 15% off! This is one of my favorite ways to relax and sweat it out. I find that it energizes me, helps with aches and pains, I sleep better on the days I use this, and it makes my skin glow. Link to check it out here. You can also use my discount for the PEMF Go Mat, which I use every day!

Get 15% off Organifi with the code FITNESSISTA. I drink the green juice, red juice, gold, and Harmony! (Each day I might have something different, or have two different things. Everything I’ve tried is amazing.)

Thank you so much for listening and for all of your support with the podcast! Please be sure to subscribe, and leave a rating or review if you enjoyed this episode. If you leave a rating, head to this page and you’ll get a little “thank you” gift from me to you. 

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