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19-Year-Old Powerlifter Theo Maddox (140KG) Sets 2 Teen World Records at 2022 APL Strength Quest II


19-Year-Old Powerlifter Theo Maddox (140KG) Sets 2 Teen World Records at 2022 APL Strength Quest II

World Records and all, it seems Maddox wanted even more from his impressive performance.

The sport of powerlifting, on the whole, doesn’t seem to be short on young stars and up-and-comers at the moment. With a fresh performance under his belt, there might be another big name to throw into a growing competitive ring.  On Oct. 2, 2022, during a victory at the Australian Powerlifting League (APL) Strength Quest II, 19-year-old powerlifter Theo Maddox broke two raw Teen 18-19 World Records in the 140-kilogram weight class. The contest took place at the GroundZeroW Gym in Arundel, Australia.

Maddox’s first record was a 390-kilogram (859.8-pound) deadlift that Maddox pulled from a sumo stance with a mixed grip while wearing a lifting belt. The pull surpasses Max Shethar’s previous figure of 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds) from the 2021 United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) Ragnarok Invite II. Maddox’s second feat was a 962.5-kilogram (2,117.5-pound) total, exceeding Jackson Powell’s past mark of 897 kilograms (1,977.5 pounds) from the 2022 United States Powerlifting Coalition Big Bend Classic.

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Here’s an overview of Maddox’s complete performance at the 2022 APL Strength Quest II, where he also earned all-time raw competition bests on his squat and bench press:

Theo Maddox (140KG) | 2022 APL Strength Quest II Top Stats

Squat — 355 kilograms (781 pounds) | All-Time Competition Best
Bench Press — 217.5 kilograms (478.5 pounds) | All-Time Competition best
Deadlift — 390 kilograms (859.8 pounds) | Teen 18-19 World Record
Total — 962.5. kilograms (2,117.5 pounds) | Teen 18-19 World Record

With four competitions to his name according to Open Powerlifting, Maddox has yet to lose in his budding competitive career. Here’s a rundown of his complete career results:

Theo Maddox | Complete Career Results

2020 New Zealand Powerlifting Federation (NZPF) WBOP Regional Championships (Sub-Juniors/Raw) — First place
2020 NZPF Nationals (Sub-Juniors/Raw) — First place
2021 NZPF North Island Championships (Juniors/Raw) — First place
2022 APL Strength Quest II (Teen 18-19/Raw) — First place

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Despite his most recent impressive result undoubtedly putting him on the powerlifting map, Maddox didn’t appear satisfied with a record-breaking output. As the 19-year-old athlete would explain in a post on his Instagram, he’s treating this stellar finish as a learning experience.

“Look, it wasn’t the day I wanted, but it was good to get on the platform again after so long off,” Maddox wrote. “I have a lot to learn and improve upon, and that’s honestly very exciting to have acquired all this new information. I am now in a very good position to build some of my foundations up and work on my weaknesses. A break will do me good, however. I need to take care of my mental [health] and plan a fair amount out. Talk less, do more. Talk is cheap, after all.”

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