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2022 CrossFit Games Day Five Results — Toomey and Medeiros Finish the Job


2022 CrossFit Games Day Five Results — Toomey and Medeiros Finish the Job

An eventful games was capped by the respective reigning champions successfully defending their titles.

The final day of the 2022 CrossFit Games might have been about which athletes still had plenty left in the tank. It began with an exhaustive combination of a sled push and kettlebell clean & jerks, otherwise known as “The Alpaca.” It closed with “The Jackie Pro” — an event with a classic mix of a lengthy row, a lot of thrusters, and some muscle-ups. 

In the end, Tia-Clair Toomey captured her sixth CrossFit Games title, surpassing Mat Fraser for the most of all time. Meanwhile, on the Men’s side, Justin Medeiros became the fifth person to ever win multiple CrossFit Games titles, joining Toomey, Fraser, Rich Froning Jr., and Annie Thorisdottir in an exclusive club. 

Here is the final top-10 on the leaderboard in both divisions and the results from the final day of the 2022 CrossFit Games:


Tia-Clair Toomey [Australia] — 1,158 points | 2022 Fittest Woman on Earth®
Mallory O’Brien [USA] — 1,045 points
Laura Horvath [Hungary] — 981 points
Danielle Brandon [USA] — 937 points
Brooke Wells [USA] — 904 points
Emma Lawson [Canada] — 893 points
Kara Saunders [Australia] — 890 points
Gabriela Migala [Poland] — 868 points
Haley Adams [USA] — 867 points
Alexis Raptis [USA] — 859 points


Justin Medeiros [USA] — 1,184 points | 2022 Fittest Man on Earth®
Roman Khrennikov [Russia] — 1,157 points
Ricky Garard [Australia] — 1,068 points
Samuel Kwant [USA] — 975 points
Jeffrey Adler [Canada] — 950 points
Patrick Vellner [Canada] — 892 points
Jayson Hopper [USA] — 887 points
Lazar Dukic [Serbia] — 850 points
Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson [Iceland] — 841 points
Guilherme Malheiros [Brazil] — 831 points

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Individual Event 11 Results — The Alpaca

After the Individual competitors were parsed down to a field of 30 for Sunday’s Finals, “The Alpaca” awaited the remaining athletes to open Sunday. In this exhaustive sled-based, kettlebell clean & jerk event, Laura Horvath was absolutely dominant. The Hungarian athlete paced ahead of her second-place finisher, Dani Speegle, by almost 40 seconds to grab the victory for the Women. 

It was a bit of a tighter battle for the men, but a strong performance from Roman Khrennikov saw the athlete separate himself from the pack as his win set him up for an eventual second-place finish in the overall Games

Individual Women’s Results

Laura Horvath — 6:46.96
Dani Speegle — 7:25.72
Karin Freyová — 7:57.17
Ellie Turner — 8:00.90
Gabriela Migała — 8:04.36
Alexis Raptis — 8:06.83
Emma McQuaid — 8:28.28
Amanda Barnhart — 8:38.24
Kara Saunders — 8:45.35
Arielle Loewen — 8:49.08

Individual Men’s Results

Roman Khrennikov — 6:23.92
Sam Kwant — 6:39.88
Pat Vellner — 6:41.12
Guilherme Malheiros — 6:44.79
Justin Medeiros — 6:46.48
Jayson Hopper — 6:48.56
Ricky Garard — 6:50.63
Timothy Paulson — 6:53.66
Lazar Đukić — 6:58.07
Jonne Koski — 7:01.54

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Individual Event 12 — Back Nine

With the conclusion of the Games rounding the bend, both divisions saw a relatively heated battle on the Back Nine — a staggering Yoke Carry, front squat, deadlift event of endurance and strength

In the end, Horvath captured another event victory, which played a huge role in her overall third-place finish on the Games’ podium. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Adler cruised ahead of the rest of the Men, with Willy Georges in second and the eventual Men’s champion, Medeiros, coming in third.  

Individual Women’s Results

Laura Horvath — 1:13.11
Tia-Clair Toomey — 1:16.08
Brooke Wells — 1:21.87
Amanda Barnhart — 1:24.37
Gabriela Migała — 1:27.68
Christine Kolenbrander — 1:33.39
Alex Willis — 1:33.64
Dani Speegle — 1:44.62
Kara Saunders — 2:05.83
Emma McQuaid — 2:21.70

Individual Men’s Results

Jeffrey Adler — 1:17.40
Willy Georges — 1:29.25
Justin Medeiros — 1:32.82 
Guilherme Malheiros — 1:39.43
Samuel Kwant — 1:39.63
Roman Khrennikov — 1:43.93
Patrick Vellner — 1:45.72
Jayson Hopper — 1:52.14
Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 1:53.77
Travis Mayer — 1:56.50

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Individual Event 13 — Jackie Pro

In the final event of this year’s Games, the respective athletes had the objective of working through some CrossFit classics — meaning a 1,000-meter row, 50 thrusters, and, of course, 30 muscle-ups. Despite already locking up her title, Toomey finished in the top 10. 

Lucy Campbell finished strong, taking home another event win, while Kara Saunders and Mal O’Brien followed. Meanwhile, Lazar Đukić sailed through this last segment, beating Khrennikov by just about 10 seconds. A solid fourth-place finish for the locked-in overall winner Medeiros was a cherry on top. 

Individual Women’s Results

Lucy Campbell — 8:29.53
Kara Saunders — 8:35.97
Mal O’Brien — 8:45.58
Laura Horvath — 8:46.72
Haley Adams — 8:56.87
Danielle Brandon — 9:10.18
Gabriela Migała — 9:28.66
Jacqueline Dahlstrom — 9:29.65
Karin Freyova — 9:31.77
Tia-Clair Toomey — 9:47.28

Individual Men’s Results

Lazar Đukić — 7:59.70
Roman Khrennikov — 8:09.71
Cole Sager — 8:10.64
Justin Medeiros — 8:26.34
Sam Kwant — 8:26.73
Jeffrey Adler — 8:27.51
Jonne Koski — 8:32.94
Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 8:36.85
Willy Georges — 8:40.91
Noah Ohlsen — 8:44.10

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2022 CrossFit Games Team Results

The Teams division also had its all-important finale on Sunday, and a few familiar faces came out victorious. Heavy favorite Team Mayhem Freedom once again held its end of the bargain in the Games. Mayhem Freedom claimed its sixth-ever title as former Individual great Rich Froning Jr.’s squad continued to set an unprecedented standard of teamwork in CrossFit. 

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (1,052 points)
CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue (987 points)
CrossFit Invictus (951 points)
CrossFit Reykjavík (937 points)
CrossFit Mayhem Independence (804 points)

A Season in the Books

An eventful, heated, and thrilling CrossFit season officially came to an with the conclusion of the 2022 CrossFit Games. It might not get much better than a living legend like Toomey cementing her all-time status, while a young champion in Medeiros continued to build his own remarkable legacy. 

Featured image: William Johnson (@barbellstories on Instagram)

Tia-Clair Toomey, Justin Medeiros Win 2022 CrossFit Games

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