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2022 CrossFit Games Day Four Results — Toomey and Medeiros Primed for Repeats


2022 CrossFit Games Day Four Results — Toomey and Medeiros Primed for Repeats

With one more strong performance in these Games, Toomey and Medeiros will likely stand on top of the respective Women’s and Men’s podiums once again.

The penultimate day of the 2022 CrossFit Games was a doozy. At the start of the day, the world’s fittest athletes started in the pool. By the evening, they were tossing sandbags with the best of them. As the competition heads into the Finals on Sunday, reigning champions Tia-Clair Toomey and Justin Medeiros both now own the overall leads in the Women’s and Men’s divisions, respectively. One more solid showing and more Fittest on Earth® glory might await these two superstars. 

Here’s the top 10 on both leaderboards and where the results stand as the contest heads into the Finals on Sunday, August 7, 2022. 


Justin Medeiros [USA] — 923 points
Ricky Garard [Australia] — 906 points
Roman Khrennikov [Russia] — 881 points
Jeffrey Adler [Canada] — 733 points
Saxon Panchik [USA] — 716 points
Samuel Kwant [USA] — 708 points
Patrick Vellner [Canada] — 678 points
Jayson Hopper [USA] — 675 points
Lazar Dukic [Serbia] — 660 points
Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson [Iceland] — 642 points


Tia-Clair Toomey [Australia] — 958 points
Mallory O’Brien [USA] — 866 points
Danielle Brandon [USA] — 792 points
Emma Lawson [Canada] — 791 points
Haley Adams [USA] — 748 points
Brooke Wells [USA] — 714 points
Kristi Eramo O’Connell [USA] — 713 points
Arielle Loewen [USA] — 699 points
Laura Horvath [Hungary] — 693 points
Alexis Raptis [USA] — 688 points

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Individual Event Eight Results — Rinse ‘N’ Repeat

Day Four’s opening event put the CrossFitters in the pool, asking them to swim as fast as possible and burn a ton of calories.

On the Women’s side, despite strong performances from her peers, Lucy Campbell captured the event win. Amanda Barnhart and Laura Horvath turned in solid performances in second and third, respectively. In regards to the Men, Roman Khrennikov paced himself ahead of the field and never looked back en route to the victory. Dallin Pepper followed in second, and Jonne Koski took third. 

Individual Women’s Results

Lucy Campbell — 138 calories
Amanda Barnhart — 134 calories
Laura Horvath — 133 calories
Tia-Clair Toomey — 131 calories
Kara Saunders — 130 calories
Haley Adams — 129 calories
Matilde Garnes — 129 calories
Mal O’Brien — 128 calories
Arielle Loewen — 128 calories
Brooke Wells — 127 calories

Individual Men’s Results

Roman Khrennikov — 160 calories
Dallin Pepper — 157 calories
Jonne Koski — 154 calories 
Lazar Đukić — 153 calories
Sam Kwant — 153 calories
Brent Fikowski — 153 calories
Justin Medeiros — 152 calories
Cole Sager — 148 calories
Cole Greashaber — 148 calories
Ricky Garard — 147 caloriesthroughoutNine Results — Hat Trick

In the Hat Trick, the athletes had the task of working through wall balls and dumbbell snatches over the course of three rounds. Total time was the end-all-be-all in this event.

Ellie Turner cruised well ahead of the other Women’s athletes and took home the first event win of her career while a second-place finish for Mal O’Brien helped her cut into Toomey’s lead. O’Brien had led after both Day 1 and Day 2 of this year’s competition. Meanwhile, Guilherme Malheiros’s showcase of strength and agility left the other Men’s competitors in the dust. 

Individual Women’s Results

Ellie Turner — 3:55.94
Mal O’Brien — 4:04.66
Tia-Clair Toomey — 4:08.66
Danielle Brandon — 4:08.80
Kara Saunders — 4:10.73
Gabriela Migała — 4:15.81
Paige Semenza — 4:19.35
Laura Horvath — 4:19.41
Emma Lawson — 4:20.22
Amanda Barnhart — 4:20.61

Individual Men’s Results

Guilherme Malheiros — 3:44.18
Justin Medeiros — 4:01.83
Dallin Pepper — 4:06.23
Nick Mathew — 4:07.78
Brent Fikowski — 4:08.70
Lazar Đukić — 4:08.82
Roman Khrennikov — 4:11.24
Tudor Magda — 4:12.96
Jeffrey Adler — 4:14.48
Patrick Vellner — 4:14.77

Individual Event 10 Results — Sandbag Ladder

The Sandbag ladder saw Titan Games champ Dani Speegle cruise through the other Women’s athletes, as none of the weighted sandbags seemed to present much of a challenge. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm and Laura Horvath rebounded well in second and third place.

Malheiros, Jayson Hopper, Brent Fikowski, and Nick Mathew all exceeded the Men’s original final sandbag weight limit as each attempted to lift a 350-pound bag. None were successful. Malheiros and Mathew crossed the finish simultaneously for a first-place tie. 

Individual Women’s Results

Dani Speegle
Jacqueline Dahlstrøm
Laura Horvath
Amanda Barnhart
Sydney Michalyshen
Brooke Wells
Ellie Turner
Karin Freyová
Tia-Clair Toomey
Paige Semenza

Individual Men’s Results

Guilherme Malheiros (Tied for first)
Nick Mathew (Tied for first)
Brent Fikowski
Jayson Hopper
Justin Medeiros
Saxon Panchik
Ricky Garard
Alexandre Houdet
Alex Vigneault
Sam Kwant

Day Four Teams Overall Leaderboard

Heading into Sunday, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom looks like a clear favorite for yet another Teams title. 

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom (852 points)
CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue (795 points)
CrossFit Invictus (789 points)
CrossFit Reykjavík (762 points)
CrossFit Mayhem Independence (698 points)

Adaptive Division Winners

Saturday, the end of the Games for the Adaptive division.  These are the podium athletes and the respective Fittest on Earth® in each of their categories. 

Upper Extremity — Women

Camille Vigneault (500 points)
Christina Mazzullo (450 points)
Anne-Laure Coutenceau(415 points)
Eileen Quinn (310 points)
Elizabeth Bride (285 points)

Upper Extremity — Men

Casey Acree (800 points)
Josue Maldonado (520 points)
Samuel Pera (380 points)
Alexis Fiorucci (300 points)
Xabier Osa Mendes (240 points)

Lower Extremity — Women

Valerie Cohen (650 points)
Molly Moore (475 points)
Amy Bream (385 points)
Natalie Rovirosa (345 points)

Lower Extremity — Men

Charles Pienaar (435 points)
Elliot Young (390 points)
Rogan Dean (385 points)
Luke Reeson (380 points)
Ole Kristian Antonsen (370 points)

Neuromuscular — Women

Morgan Johnson (635 points)
Lauren Taylor (510 points)
Letchen du Plessis (410 points)
Leila Ives (360 points)
Alyssa Kobela (WD)

Neuromuscular — Men

Brett Horchar (655 points)
Benjamin Fallon (495 points)
Jeremie Perera (400 points)
Bart Walsh (365 points)
Kevin Maijer (325 points)

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Age Group Division Winners

It was the end of the Games for the Age Group Division, too. Here is the Fittest on Earth® in each respective category. 

14-15 — Girls

Lucy McGonigle (570 points)
Rylee Beebe (520 points)
Reese Littlewood (450 points)

14-15 — Boys

RJ Mestre (690 points)
Tal Simson (550 points)
Kaiden Steyn (480 points)

16-17 — Girls

Olivia Kerstetter (640 points)
Jadzia Onorati-Phillips (490 points
Trista Smith (470 points)

16-17 — Boys

Ty Jenkins (580 points)
Elijah Subiono (490 points)
Caleb McClure (480 points)

35-39 — Women

Emilia Leppänen (570 points)
Chyna Cho (530 points)
Aneta Tucker (530 points)

35-39 — Men

Bryan Wong (550 points)
Rogelio Gamboa (490 points)
Craig Kenney (480 points)

40-44 — Women

Kelly Friel (570 points)
Rebecca Voigt Miller (560 points)
Jenn Ryan (550 points)

40-44 — Men

Rudolph Berger (570 points)
Caine Hayes (540 points)
Alexandre Jolivet (540 points)

45-49 — Women

Merituuli Kallio (470 points)
Ali Crawford (470 points)
Jessica Manfro (450 points)

45-49 — Men

Jason Grubb (660 points)
Mike Kern (560 points)
Vlad Liashkevich (500 points)

50-54 — Women

Kim Purdy (580 points)
Nathalie Connors (520 points)
Tea Gebbie (510 points)

50-54 — Men

Richard Stevenson (570 points)
Sean Patrick (540 points)
Eirik Solen (540 points)

55-59 — Women

Shanna Bunce (520 points)
Leigh Coates (490 points)
Kim Stambaugh (450 points)

55-59 — Men

Mike Egan (680 pt)
Leonardo Wernersbach Lima (640 points)
Antonio Boldrini (580 points)

60-64 — Women

Mary Beth Prodromides (520 points)
Patricia McGill (490 points)
Debbie Downing (450 points)

60-64 — Men

Shannon Aiken (620 points)
Tony Turski (510 points)
Tom Fameree (470 points)

65+ — Women

Julie Holt (540 points)
Pia Gund (520 points)
Marcia Yager (490 points)

65+ — Men

Cal Cherrington (630 points)
John Mariotti (510 points)
Kenneth Scherdell (430 points)

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The Final day of the 2022 CrossFit Games awaits. After the last and only roster cut, Sunday will see just 30 Individual Men and Women compete, along with 20 teams. In the case of Toomey and Medeiros, Games history might be just around the corner. 

Featured Image: William Johnson (@barbellstories on Instagram)

2022 CrossFit Games Adaptive Division Results

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