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2022 CrossFit Games Team Division Results


2022 CrossFit Games Team Division Results

Here are the results of the four-person Team Division of the 15th annual CrossFit Games.

The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games are underway. Day One of the Team competition kicked off August 3, shortly after the Individual competition earlier in the day. Team events will take place from August 3 to 7, with multiple events (or “workouts”) programmed throughout each day.

August 4 was initially scheduled to be a much-needed day of rest. However, due to an extended weather delay after Wednesday’s first event, Team Events Two and Three were rescheduled and replaced the rest day.

Here are the results for the Team Division from the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, WI.

Editor’s Note: On Feb. 24, 2022, CrossFit released a statement in which they said they would not recognize the governments of Russia or Belarus throughout the 2022 season. As a result, CrossFit has removed Russian and Belarusian flags and names from the profiles of Individual and Team competitors.

2022 CrossFit Games Teams Division Top 5

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 552 points
CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 537 points
CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 519 points
CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 504 points
CrossFit Reykjavik [Iceland] — 480 points

Event One — Biker Bob

The Team Division’s first event was “Biker Bob” — three rounds of multiple events performed for time. Each four-person team first needed to push a 667-pound “bob”-sled down a field length.

The teams then split into two mixed male-female pairs, with one pair performing a one-mile bike ride while the other male-female team pushed the sled 252 feet before immediately performing 30 synchronized toes-to-bar lifts. When the first team returned from the bike ride, each pair switched to perform the opposite event.

After the third round of toes-to-bar, all four members again pushed the sled to the finish line. The entire event had a maximum time limit of 40 minutes.

First Heat Top 5

Team 8th Day CrossFit Black — consisting of husband and wife pair Michael and Heather Paas, Ryan Schafer, and Zoe Jones — narrowly took the lead with their chance at the first event. It’s the Michigan-based team’s second appearance at the CrossFit Games.

8th Day CrossFit Black [USA] — 28:02.78
CrossFit Oslo Purple Red [Norway] — 28:10.25
CrossFit Taranis LifeTree [Canada] — 29:13.19
CrossFit 2150 Team Norce BL [Norway] — 29:51.15
Rhapsody CrossFit [USA] — 30:04.82

Second Heat Top 5

After a nearly three-hour weather delay, the second heat of team competition could begin. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue, lead by two-time Individual Games winner Annie Thorisdottir, earned a first-place win over the formerly dominant CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, lead by four-time Individual Games champion Rich Froning.

CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 24:25.80
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 24:37.81
CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 24:37.87
CrossFit Portti [Finland] — 25:01.19
CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 25:09.67

Event Four — Pegs and P-Bars

Due to the weather delay, Team Event Four proceeded as initially planned, while Events Two and Three were rescheduled to the next day. Pegs and P-Bars was a timed event which tested teams with multiple rounds of a pegboard climb, 15 parallel bar dips, and 15 synchronized burpees performed by all four team members simultaneously.

As an added challenge, the burpees were performed laterally over a 300+ pound “Worm” sandbag. The Worm was held by two team members while the remaining members performed the dips and pegboard.

Pegs and P-Bars Top 5

8th Day CrossFit Black [USA] — 9:28.04
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 09:29.34
CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy [USA] — 9:36.97
CrossFit Taranis LifeTree [Canada] — Cap +2
AB CrossFit [USA] — Cap +3

Event Two — Strong

Teams walked into Thursday ready for Events “Two” and “Three,” which were initially set to be performed on the first day of the Games. This day’s events were performed back-to-back with no rest between events.

Strong gave each competitor two attempts hit perform a one-rep max lift on either the jerk or front squat. The team’s score was the sum of each member’s heaviest successful lift.

Strong Top 5

CrossFit Milford [USA] — 1325 pounds
CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 1315 pounds
CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 1300 pounds
CrossFit Reyjavik [Iceland] — 1295 pounds
CrossFit Greater Heights Ascend [USA] — 1255 pounds

Event Three — Fast

Immediately after performing the previous event, Strong, teams began the Fast event. All four members were challenged to run 1600 meters while holding a 10-foot rope to travel as one unit.

A second 1600-meter run was then completed by two team members, followed by a final 1600-meter run from the remaining two team members. This event had a 23-minute time limit.

Fast Top 5

CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 18:23.72
CrossFit Selwyn [New Zealand] — 18:33.81
CrossFit Reyjavik [Iceland] — 18:41.87
8th Day CrossFit Black [USA] — 18:42.36
CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 18:46.94

Event Five — Muscle Pig

The first Team event on Friday was the Muscle Pig, a combination of muscle-ups and Pig flips — the “Pig” being a weighted rectangular beam designed to be flipped similar to a tire. Teams performed four rounds for the quickest time.

Each round consisted of 10 synchronized muscle-ups (all four team members needed to lockout each rep at the same time), followed by a total of 10 Pig flips with the two men from each team alternating flips with a 510-pound Pig and the  two women from each team alternating flips with a 350-pound Pig.

Muscle Pig Top 5

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 11:05.61
CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 13:55.18
CrossFit Reyjavik [Iceland] — 14:11.00
CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 14:46.65
CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy [USA] — 14:55.80

Event Six — Handstand Machine

Friday’s final event was a serious test of conditioning, upper body strength, and total-body stability. Teams completed two round for time. One round consisted of the two male competitors performing 40 Echo Bike calories while the two female competitors performed 15 total handstand push-ups.

Then the two female members performed 30 Echo Bike calories while the men did a total of 20 handstand push-ups. Next, the two men performed a synchronized 500-meter row while the two women held a handstand; and finally the women did a 500-meter synchronized row while the men held a handstand.

Handstand Machine Top 5

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 14:56.01
CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 15:21.41
CrossFit Reyjavik [Iceland] — 15:21.67
CrossFit Selwyn [New Zealand] — 16:19.54
CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 16:37.77

Event Seven — Rinse and Repeat

Every 2 minutes:

50-yard swim
8-cal Ski Erg*
*Add 2 calories each round for 6 rounds, then complete as many calories as possible for rounds 7 and 8.

Rinse and Repeat Top 5

Events and Results will continue to be updated as they become available throughout the Games.

Featured Image: William Johnson (@barbellstories on Instagram)

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