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2022 England’s Strongest Man and Woman Results — Lucy Underdown and Paul Smith Take Charge


2022 England’s Strongest Man and Woman Results — Lucy Underdown and Paul Smith Take Charge

Underdown turned in a dominant, all-around performance while Smith edged by with a quality victory.

The respective winners of the 2022 England’s Strongest Man and Woman are strongman Paul Smith and strongwoman Lucy Underdown.

Smith successfully captured the victory in the strength competition by overcoming Andrew Flynn by a single point. Meanwhile, in line with recent achievements from training, Underdown won all five events in a dominant performance to notch the second win of her career. The Ultimate Strongman organizing body facilitated this year’s contest, which took place on August 28, 2022, in Warrington, England.

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Here’s a rundown of the standings for the Men’s portion of the contest:

2022 England’s Strongest Man Rankings

Paul Smith — 51 points
Andrew Flynn — 50 points
Lewis Packham — 46 points
Daniel Cave — 40 points
Ellis Vine — 35 points
Joe Oliver — 29.5 points
Mason Fessey — 28 points
Josh Norton — 28 points
Dean Evans — 25 points
Dan Hewson — 23 points
Joe Bromiley — 19 points
John Ford — 6.5 points

Here’s a rundown of the standings for the Women’s portion of the contest:

2022 England’s Strongest Woman Rankings

Lucy Underdown — 40 points
Katie Smith — 27 points
Shannon Clifford — 24 points
Becca Worgan — 23.5 points
Chloe Brennan — 22 points
Naomi Hadley — 20 points
Nadine Guy — 11.5 points
Andrea Seed — 5 points

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Men’s Recap

Here’s an overview of how the Men’s competitors fared in each event during their contest portion.

Event One — Farmer’s Walk 

The first event for the Men was a Farmer’s Walk for time with implements of 150 kilograms (330.7 pounds). None of the competitors made it the entire distance. Andrew Flynn had the farthest carry of 27.82 meters, giving him the event victory.  

Andrew Flynn — 27.82 meters
Paul Smith — 21.22 meters
Ellis Vine — 18.25 meters
Lewis Packham — 7.53 meters
Josh Norton — 7.48 meters
Daniel Cave — 7 meters
Joe Bromiley — 6.78 meters
Dean Evans — 2.29 meters
Joe Oliver — 1.35 meters
John Ford — Zero meters
Mason Fessey — Zero meters
Dan Hewson — Zero meters

Event Two — Block Press

During the second event, the athletes had the task of completing a Block Press with four separate implements. The fastest time would win out in a situation with a tie. After a second-place result to start, Smith took the overall lead by completing his presses nearly five seconds ahead of the next best competitor

Paul Smith — Four in 52.96 seconds
Lewis Packham — Four in 57.95 seconds
Mason Fessey — Four in 64.58 seconds
Andrew Flynn — Three in 48.63 seconds
Josh Norton — Three in 53.13 seconds
Joe Oliver — Three in 66.64 seconds
Dan Hewson — Two in 23.96 seconds
Daniel Cave — Two in 28.55 seconds
Ellis Vine — Two in 35.34 seconds
Dean Evans — One in 12.06 seconds
Joe Bromiley — None completed
John Ford — None completed

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Event Three — Tire Flip

The third event of the contest gave the Men’s athletes the task of flipping a massive tire for 30 meters in 75 seconds. Daniel Cave was just one of two competitors to finish and beat Joe Oliver by fractions of a second for the event win. 

Daniel Cave — 74.23 seconds
Joe Oliver — 74.95 seconds
Paul Smith — 18 meters
Andrew Flynn — 18 meters
Lewis Packham — 18 meters
Mason Fessey — 14 meters
Ellis Vine — 12 meters
Josh Norton — 12 meters
Dan Hewson — 12 meters
Dean Evans — Four meters
Joe Bromiley — Two meters
John Ford — Two meters

Event Four — Max Deadlift

The winner of this event was straightforward. Whoever could deadlift the most weight with one rep would get the victory. Dean Evans won by being the only athlete to pull at least 400 kilograms (881.8 pounds)

Dean Evans — 400 kilograms (881.8 pounds)
Daniel Cave — 380 kilograms (837.7 pounds)
Dan Hewson — 360 kilograms (793.6 pounds)
Paul Smith — 360 kilograms (793.6 pounds)
Andrew Flynn — 360 kilograms (793.6 pounds)
Lewis Packham — 360 kilograms (793.6 pounds)
Ellis Vine — 360 kilograms (793.6 pounds)
Mason Fessey — 340 kilograms (749.6 pounds)
John Ford — 340 kilograms (749.6 pounds)
Josh Norton — 340 kilograms (749.6 pounds)
Joe Oliver — 320 kilograms (705.5 pounds)
Joe Bromiley — 320 kilograms (705.5 pounds)

Event Five — Atlas Stones

In strongman tradition, the Atlas Stones closed the competition. At the time of this article’s publication, it is unclear how the below results were tabulated. Breaking Muscle will update with all relevant information at the soonest notice. 

Andrew Flynn — 12 points
Paul Smith — 11 points
Joe Bromiley — 10 points
Lewis Packham — Nine points
Ellis Vine — Eight points
Daniel Cave — Five points
Joe Oliver — Six points
Mason Fessey — Seven points
Josh Norton — Three points
Dean Evans — Two points
Dan Hewson — Four points
John Ford — One point

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Women’s Recap

Here’s an overview of how the Women’s competitors fared in each event during their contest portion.

Event One — Anvil Walk

The Women’s first event was a 25-meter walk with a 50-kilogram (110.2 pounds) anvil. Underdown took charge with the event win and a walk under seven seconds

Lucy Underdown — 6.63 seconds
Shannon Clifford — 7.5 seconds
Katie Smith — 10.41 seconds
Naomi Hadley — 10.41 seconds
Becca Worgan — 10.44 seconds
Nadine Guy — 22.71 seconds
Chloe Brennan — 42.03 seconds
Andrea Seed — 67.9 seconds

Event Two — Max Deadlift

Underdown holds the All-Time Strongwoman World Record deadlift and showed that skill during this event. In an eventual victory, Underdown’s top pull was 10 kilograms (22 pounds) more than the next best athlete

Lucy Underdown — 240 kilograms (529.1 pounds)
Katie Smith — 230 kilograms (507 pounds)
Naomi Hadley — 230 kilograms (507 pounds)
Shannon Clifford — 220 kilograms (485 pounds)
Chloe Brennan — 200 kilograms (440.9 pounds)
Nadine Guy — 200 kilograms (440.9 pounds)
Andrea Seed — 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
Becca Worgan — No successful attempt

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Event Three — Bag Toss Medley

The bags from the Bag Toss Medley ranged from 10 to 18 kilograms (22 to 39.6 pounds). The fastest finisher was the winner, which was once again Underdown (five in 19.62 seconds)

Lucy Underdown — Five in 19.62 seconds
Becca Worgan — Four in 33.72 seconds
Shannon Clifford — Four in 41.08 seconds
Chloe Brennan — Three in 12.73 seconds
Naomi Hadley — Three in 20.21 seconds
Katie Smith — Three in 33.51 seconds
Nadine Guy — Two in 20.62 seconds
Andrea Seed — One in 27.39 seconds

Event Four — Circus Dumbell Press

Note: The full results for the Women’s Circus Dumbbell Press are unclear at this time. Breaking Muscle will update this article as soon as all information is ready. At the time of this writing, all that is clear is Underdown made it four of four event wins

Event Five — Atlas Stones

The famous Atlas Stones made an appearance as the closing event for the Women. The fifth and last stone weighed 130 kilograms (286.6 pounds). Underdown capped a perfect performance with a fifth event win by lifting all five of her stones in just over 30 seconds

Lucy Underdown — Five in 30.07 seconds
Katie Smith — Five in 35.49 seconds
Becca Worgan — Four in 36.97 seconds
Chloe Brennan — Four in 45.85 seconds
Naomi Hadley — Four in 51.87 seconds
Nadine Guy — Three in 19.97 seconds
Shannon Clifford — Three in 23.34 seconds
Andrea Seed — Two in 33.85 seconds

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According to Strongman Archives, this competition win is the second for Smith over the last few months. The strongman from the United Kingdom won the 2022 UK’s Strongest Man in early June. As for Underdown, after starting her career with a few records but no victories, the strongwoman has now won two straight contests. In addition to her win in Warrington, Underdown also won the 2022 Britain’s Strongest Woman in mid-August. 

The careers of both athletes continue to evolve at a promising pace. 

Featured image: @worldsstrongestfan on Instagram

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