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2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Events Revealed


2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Events Revealed

In a break from strongman tradition, the Atlas Stones will not make an appearance in Scotland.

The 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals will take place on Oct. 8, 2022, in Glasgow, Scotland. As a major contest on the strongman calendar, the respective elite athletes will show off their strength, conditioning, and power as they vie for the victory in Scotland.

On August 18, 2022, the Giants Live Organization Instagram page revealed the five events during this year’s single-day Giants Live World Tour Finals.

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Here are the events for the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals:

2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Events

Dumbbell Press
Nicol Stone Carry
Axle Deadlift
Anchor Carry and Chain Drag
Power Stairs

Shortly after the official events reveal, former Europe’s Strongest Man (ESM) Champion (2016) Laurence Shahlaei and co-host Liz Mason broke down the expectations for each event on Shahlaei’s YouTube Channel.

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Here is the current roster for this year’s competition:

2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Roster

Luke Stoltman — Defending champion
Tom Stoltman — 2021 second place 
Evan Singleton — 2021 third place
Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou
Maxime Boudreault
Pavlo Kordiyaka
Oleksii Novikov
Andy Black
Tyler Cotton
Kevin Faires
Graham Hicks
Trey Mitchell
Pa O’Dwyer

Luke Stoltman is the defending champion of the Giants Live World Tour Finals. The rest of the field will try to dethrone the athlete. 

2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals Event Rundown

Here’s a short rundown of every event during this year’s competition.

Dumbbell Press

Ever since the 2021 Rogue Invitational last November, Novikov has been consistently proficient with a heavy dumbbell press. However, Iron Biby, the current Log Lift World Record holder, could challenge Novikov. In an event with a time limit, Novikov might be the overall favorite.

Nicol Stone Carry

Potential contenders for the Nicol Stone Carry event victory include Andy Black and Kevin Faires. When Shahlaei possessed the similar Dinnie Stones World Record, Black was a training partner. Meanwhile, Faires possesses the current World Record on the Dinnie Stones (25 feet, eight inches) and Nicol Stones (22.2 meters). Some of the strongmen have never performed a Nicol Stone Carry, so Faires could sit in an especially strong position.

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A post shared by Kevin Faires (@kf_strongman)

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Axle Deadlift

Many of the athletes on the Giants Live World Tour Finals roster possess some measure of proficiency as deadlifters. As the Axle Deadlift starts to roll into the second half of the contest, endurance could become a factor. In an event where everyone can excel, some of the competitors could elect to save their strength for the closing segments of the competition.

Anchor Carry and Chain Drag

The penultimate event of these Giants Live World Tour Finals will be a medley between carrying and dragging the anchor and chain. Speed and time will likely ultimately decide the victor of this event. For context as to potential winners, Evan Singleton (38.85 seconds) and Novikov (41.75 seconds) moved quite well during the 2022 Giants Live World Open medley variation. The pair very well might find themselves in a close battle during this portion. 

Power Stairs

In a changeup from common strongman norms, the Atlas Stones will not close the 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals. Instead, it’s the Power Stairs.

Maxime Boudreault could be considered the favorite for this event after taking first place during the 2022 World’s Strongest Man’s (WSM) Power Stairs. Boudreault made it nine steps in 39.07 seconds, while eventual WSM champion Tom Stoltman wasn’t far behind (nine steps in 41.04 seconds). How Boudreault fares at this version of the Power Stairs will depend on its structure, but he might be an early safe bet for the win. 

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The 2022 Giants Live World Tour Finals present an intriguing number of storylines going in. For example, can Luke Stoltman defend his title from last year? Can Novikov continue a recent string of relative podium success dating back to Summer 2021? The strongman world will find out on October 8 in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Featured image: @luke.stoltman on Instagram

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