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2022 Shaw Classic Results — A Successful Defense for Trey Mitchell


2022 Shaw Classic Results — A Successful Defense for Trey Mitchell

Mitchell went back-to-back in a close battle in Colorado.

Trey Mitchell is the champion of the 2022 Shaw Classic. On Aug. 13-14, 2022, the American strongman successfully made it back-to-back years (2021-22) as the winner of the strength contest. 

Joining Mitchell on the podium in Loveland, CO were competition organizer Brian Shaw and Mitchell Hooper in second and third place, respectively. It is Shaw’s second consecutive finish in second place after winning the inaugural contest in 2020. Meanwhile, after solid performances in the Giants Live Strongman Classic and Giants Live World Open, Hooper continues an impressive string of performances with a third straight podium result in a major strongman competition

Here are the final standings from this year’s Shaw Classic:

2022 Shaw Classic Results

Trey Mitchell — 100.5 points | Repeat Champion (2021-2022)
Brian Shaw — 99.5 points
Mitchell Hooper — 95 points
Oleksii Novikov — 79 points
Maxime Boudreault — 69.5 points
Kevin Faires — 68 points
Aivars Smaukstelis — 67 points
Evan Singleton — 60.5 points
Konstantine Janashia 52 points
Žydrūnas Savickas — 48.5 points
Bobby Thompson — 42 points (withdrew)
Gabriel Peña — 39 points
Gabriel Rheaume — 36.5 points
Jerry Pritchett — 28 points
Luke Stoltman — One point (withdrew)

Check out an event-by-event breakdown below.

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Event Breakdown

Here’s a short recap of how the respective strongmen fared in each of the 2022 Shaw Classic’s events. 

Hummer Tire Deadlift

The Hummer Tire Deadlift opened the contest. During this max rep event, former 2020 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) Champion Oleksii Novikov successfully pulled 549 kilograms (1,210 pounds) to win and set a new World Record. Gabriel Peña followed at 522 kilograms (1,150.8 pounds) and was the only other athlete to deadlift at least 500 kilograms. A solid 499 kilograms (1,100.1 pounds) gave Mitchell third place.

Oleksii Novikov — 549 kilograms (1,210.3 pounds)
Gabriel Peña — 522 kilograms (1,150.8 pounds)
Trey Mitchell — 499 kilograms (1,100.1 pounds)
Mitchell Hooper — 476 kilograms (1,049.4 pounds) | Tied for fifth
Bobby Thompson — 476 kilograms(1,049.4 pounds) | Tied for fifth
Konstantine Janashia — 476 kilograms | Tied for fifth
Brain Shaw—  431 kilograms (950.1 pounds) | Tied for seventh
Kevin Faires — 431 kilograms (950.1 pounds) | Tied for seventh
Evan Singleton — 408 kilograms (899.5 pounds)
Aivars Smaukstelis — 408 kilograms (899.5 pounds) | Tied for 10th
Gabriel Rheaume — 408 kilograms (899.5 pounds) | Tied for 10th
Žydrūnas Savickas — 408 kilograms (899.5 pounds) | Tied for 10th
Jerry Pritchett — 408 kilograms (899.5 pounds) | Tied for 10th
Maxime Boudreault — No attempt
Luke Stoltman — No attempt

Bag Over Bar

In the Bag Over Bar, the athletes had to toss eight bags, ranging from 22 to 29 kilograms (48.5 to 63.9 pounds), over a 15-foot bar. Speed was the tiebreaker if anyone threw the same number of bags. Trey Mitchell (first place) and Brian Shaw (second place) were the only two competitors to toss all eight bags — Mitchell won with the faster time

Trey Mitchell — Eight bags in 47.4 seconds
Brian Shaw — Eight bags in 51.12 seconds
Maxime Boudreault — Seven bags
Aivars Smaukstelis — Six bags
Oleksii Novikov — Six bags
Bobby Thompson — Six bags
Konstantine Janashia — Six bags
Evan Singleton — Five bags
Mitchell Hooper — Five bags
Gabriel Peña — Four bags
Žydrūnas Savickas — Three bags
Jerry Pritchett — Three bags
Kevin Faires — Two bags
Gabriel Rheaume — Two bags
Luke Stoltman — Two bags

Super Yoke

On the third event of Day One, the yoke weighed 506 kilograms (1,117 pounds). The strongman had to carry it 60 meters in the fastest possible time. Hooper strode ahead of the field, beating second-place finisher Konstantine Janashia by over four seconds

Mitchell Hooper — 11.06 seconds
Konstantine Janashia — 15.67 seconds
Oleksii Novikov — 16.49 seconds
Trey Mitchell — 17.07 seconds
Evan Singleton — 17.59 seconds
Brian Shaw — 18.56 seconds
Bobby Thompson — 18.59 seconds
Aivars Smaukstelis — 22.4 seconds
Kevin Faires — 22.7 seconds
Žydrūnas Savickas — 27.1 seconds
Jerry Pritchett — 27.2 seconds
Maxime Boudreault — 43.21 seconds
Gabriel Rheaume — No finish
Gabriel Peña — No finish

*Note: Luke Stoltman withdrew after this event. 

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Circus Dumbbell for Reps

During the Circus Dumbbell for Reps, athletes had to lift the titular implement to their shoulder and overhead press it to a complete lockout. On an official’s signal, a competitor could drop the weight and start the process anew. Whoever completed the most reps in 75 seconds would be the victor. 

Eight reps for Novikov gave him the event victor. Mitchell (six) and Hooper (five) followed behind.

Oleksii Novikov — Eight reps
Trey Mitchell — Six reps
Mitchell Hooper — Five reps (Tied for third)
Brian Shaw — Five reps (Tied for third)
Bobby Thompson — Five reps (Tied third)
Evan Singleton — Four reps (Tied for sixth)
Aivars Smaukstelis — Three reps (Tied for seventh)
Gabriel Rheaume — Three reps (Tied for seventh)
Kevin Faires — Two reps (Tied for ninth)
Maxime Boudreault — Two reps (Tied for ninth)
Konstantine Janashia — Zero reps
Gabriel PeñaNo lift 
Žydrūnas SavickasNo lift 
Jerry PritchettNo lift 

Log Press Medley

To start the second day of the competition, competitors had to push through the Log Press Medley. The athletes had the choice of their weight at 172, 186, and 200 kilograms (380, 410, and 440 pounds) and had to perform as many reps as they could within a 90-second time limit. Notably, those who lifted a higher weight but with fewer reps had higher scores.

Mitchell successfully worked his way up to the 200-kilogram (440-kilogram) log, and a double gave him the event victory. Shaw took second place by pressing 186 kilograms (410 pounds) for his own double in second place, while Novikov, Boudreault, and Hooper each pressed that weight for one rep to tie for third. 

Trey Mitchell — 200 kilograms for two reps
Brian Shaw — 186 kilograms for two reps
Oleksii Novikov — 186 kilograms for one rep (Tied for third)
Maxime Boudreault — 186 kilograms for one rep (Tied for third)
Mitchell Hooper — 186 kilograms for one rep (Tied for third)
Kevin Faires — 172 kilograms for two reps (Tied for sixth)
Aivars Šmaukstelis — 172 kilograms for two reps (Tied for sixth)
Žydrūnas Savickas — 172 kilograms for two reps (Tied for sixth)
Bobby Thompson — No Lift
Evan Singleton — No Lift
Gabriel Rheaume — No Lift
Konstantine Janashia — No Lift
Jerry Pritchett — No Lift
Gabriel Peña — No Lift

*Note: Bobby Thompson withdrew after this event. 


As the contest shifted to the Medley, there were just 13 competitors left in the field. The athletes had to carry a 363-kilogram (800-pound) frame 60 feet and then perform an arm-over-arm pull with a 318-kilogram (700-pound) implement. The time limit was 75 seconds. In the event anyone didn’t finish, the height of the pull or distance for the carry determined the final results. 

Maxime Boudreault — 24.29 seconds
Evan Singleton — 26.32 seconds
Kevin Faires — 27.65 seconds
Brian Shaw — 30.62 seconds
Gabriel Rheaume — 37 seconds
Mitchell Hooper — 39.68 seconds
Konstantine Janashia — 44.3 seconds
Jerry PritchettNo finish
Žydrūnas SavickasNo finish
Aivars SmaukstelisNo finish
Gabriel Peña No finish
Trey MitchellNo finish
Oleksii NovikovNo finish

Maxime Boudreault won with a stellar time of 24.29 seconds. Evan Singleton (second in 26.32 seconds) and Kevin Faires (third in 27.65 seconds) were the only other athletes to finish in less than 30 seconds. The two overall leaders, Mitchell and Novikov, were the bottom two in this event. 

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Car Leg Press

The Car Leg Press was one of the more exciting events for the competitors and fans alike. The weight of the car and sled had a total of 839 kilograms (1,850 pounds). Whichever athlete could complete the most reps before failing or within 90 seconds would be the winner. 

Brian Shaw — Eight reps
Mitchell Hooper — Seven reps
Trey Mitchell — Five reps
Žydrūnas Savickas — Five reps (Tied for fourth)
Kevin Faires — Four reps (Tied for fourth)
Aivars Šmaukstelis — Three reps (Tied for sixth)
Evan Singleton — Three reps (Tied for sixth)
Maxime Boudreault — Two reps
Oleksii Novikov — One rep
Gabriel Rheaume — Zero reps (Tied for 10th)
Konstantine Janashia — Zero reps (Tied for 10th)
Jerry Pritchett — Zero reps (Tied for 10th)
Gabriel Peña — Did Not Attempt

Shaw demonstrated his leg strength by winning the event with eight reps. Hooper (seven) and Mitchell (five) rounded out the top three.

Atlas Stones

As is a custom in many strongman competitions, the Atlas Stones were the final event and would determine the winner of the 2022 Shaw Classic. The five stones weighed between 159 to 204 kilograms (350 to 450 pounds). Competitors faced each other in this head-to-head event with a time limit of 60 seconds. 

Trey Mitchell — Five in 25.0 seconds
Brian Shaw — Five in 29.2 seconds
Mitchell Hooper — Five in 35.1 seconds
Gabriel Peña — Five in 42.99 seconds
Maxime Boudreault — Four in 17.3 seconds
Kevin Faires — Four in 25.3 seconds
Konstantine Janashia — Four in 27.1 seconds
Aivars Smaukstelis — Four in 34.7 seconds
Gabriel Rheaume — Four in 41.8 seconds
Jerry Pritchett — Three stones
Žydrūnas Savickas — Three stones
Oleksii Novikov — Three stones
Evan Singleton — One stone

Mitchell and Shaw were the final pairing as Mitchell beat Shaw to the fifth stone by four seconds to win his second straight Shaw Classic title

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With this edition of the Shaw Classic now in the rearview mirror, this might be the last contest for a little while for some of these competitors. In the meantime, someone like Mitchell can bask in the glory of a second-straight win in what certainly seems to be a competition only growing in more prestige.

Featured image: @berserkerlifter on Instagram

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