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2022 Tampa Pro Results — Full Steam Ahead for Akim Williams


2022 Tampa Pro Results — Full Steam Ahead for Akim Williams

The veteran Williams excelled in his first contest of 2022.

On August 4-6, 2022, the annual Tampa Pro took place in Tampa Bay, Florida. The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Pro League competition is one of the significant steps to the 2022 Mr. Olympia. Most every IFBB contest could play an important role in potential qualification for the prestigious Olympia. 

This year’s Tampa Pro featured 10 different divisions with notable winners like Akim Williams (Men’s Open) at the head of the pack. The respective winners in each category earned automatic spots in the 2022 Mr. Olympia because the Tampa Pro is an official Pro League contest. 

Here’s an overview of the results from the Men’s Open division at the 2022 Tampa Pro:

2022 Tampa Pro Results | Men’s Open

Akim Williams
Kamal Elgargni
Quinton Eriya
Joseph Mackey
Phil Clahar
Eddie Bracamontes
Stuart Sutherland
Tim Budesheim
Seung Chul Lee
Morgan Aste

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Williams’ victory is a solid result in his first contest since a ninth-place finish at the 2021 Mr. Olympia. The bodybuilder might channel this effort for a better result in December’s Olympia. His best career finish in the major contest was sixth place in the 2020 edition.

Williams’ dedicated work with aspects of his body like his shredded arms, shoulders, and legs was enough to overcome former 212 Olympia champ (2019) Kamal Elgargni — a newcomer to the Men’s Open division. While he didn’t win, a second-place finish is a quality result for Elgargni in his first time competing in a new category. 

According to the IFBB Pro League’s qualification standards, the Tampa Pro is a Tier 2 contest. Second through fifth place finishers in this competition earned points ranging from eight to five in their respective quests to qualify for the Olympia. That means a fourth-place result for a rising star like Joe Mackey earned him six points as he works for potential Olympia hopes. Mackey has another pending opportunity for more points (or automatic qualification with a win) in a Tier 4 contest at the 2022 Texas Pro on August 12-13, 2022, in Irving, Texas. 

The 2022 Olympia qualification period will conclude on November 20, 2022. 

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Here are the respective results for the other Men’s divisions competing in the 2022 Tampa Pro. 

212 Division

Keone Pearson
Kerrith Bajjo
Nathan Epler
Cody Drobot
Ricky Moten Jr.
Ahmed El Wardany
Jason Joseph
Stephen Didoshak
Derik Oslan
Kevin Johnson

Classic Physique 

Courage Opara
Adely Annorat
Valentin Petrov
Armando Aman
Kim Santos
Keith Holmes
Matt Maldonado
Kiran Shrestha
Felix Burgos
Joe Brighty

Men’s Physique

Daniel Ammons
Andre Ferguson
Arya Saffaie
Burak King
Deke Roderique-Walker
Micah Thomas Jr.
Matthew Greggo
Josh Bridgman
Aroldson Etienne
Cam Harris

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Women’s Results

Here are the results for the Women’s divisions competing at the 2022 Tampa Pro:

Women’s Bodybuilding

Chelsea Dion
Sheena Ohlig
Sherry Priami
Victoria Dominguez
Gabriela Pena
Janeen Lankowski
Pauline Nelson
Tina Mauer Guadarrama
Tamara Makar
Jennifer Sweeney


Aurika Tyrgale
Cerise deCardenas
Alayne Corum
Michele Gales
Kamarae Morales
Savahannah Byczek
Maria Laura Cerbelli
Cong Mou
Tess Mikayla
Corey Brueckner


Aimee Leann Velasquez
Jasmine Gonzalez
Ivanna Escandar
Romina Basualdo
Daraja Hill
Danielle Combs
Jordan Brannon
Jodie Yuncker
Shelby Pierce
Niccole Guggia

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Jessica Reyes Padilla
Cherish Richardson
Maggie Watson
Autumn Cleveland
Madison Dinges
Ashley Felperin
Jennifer Zienert
Larhannah Robinson
Paula Rojo
Danielle Rose

Women’s Physique

Jeannie Feldman
Ana Harias
Elena Aviles Romero
Diana Schnaidt
Michele Steeves
Heather Grace
Lenore Gregson
Yarelis Ramos Perez
Ashlynn Richardson
Racheal Brewer


Diana Laura Verduzco Carreno
Priscilla Lynd
Alexis Adams
Lili Dong
Nerilde Garcia Strey
Bridgiamell Rodriguez Cruz
Alejandra La Fonseca
Kat Williams
Amanda Werner
Daphney Carter

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The next IFBB Pro League calendar contest will be the 2022 Texas Pro. That contest will take place on August 12-13, 2022, in Irving, Texas. The competition many of these athletes are working toward, the 2022 Mr. Olympia, will occur on December 16-18 in Las Vegas, NV. 

Featured image: @w_wittmannphoto on Instagram

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