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2023 Arnold Strongman & Strongwoman Classic Results


The 21st annual Arnold Strongman Classic took place March 3-4, 2023, in Columbus, OH. Ten top-level competitors filled the ranks in both the strongman and strongwoman classes, with world champions and record-breakers among them. Below you’ll find a recap of the events, with both the Strongman and Strongwoman results.

After two days of elite competition, Mitchell Hooper earned the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic title, continuing a meteoric debut year as a professional strongman. Victoria Long won her second Arnold Strongwoman Classic title in as many years, to pair with her two victories as America’s Strongest Woman (2021, 2022).

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2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Leaderboard

Mitchell Hooper — 41.5 points
Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 37.5 points
Bobby Thompson — 29.5 points
Trey Mitchell —29 points
Tom Evans — 25.5 points
Tom Stoltman — 24.5 points
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 24.5 points
Rob Kearney — 21 points
Kevin Faires —20 points
Luke Stoltman —20 points

2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic Leaderboard

Victoria Long — 40.5 points
Rebecca Roberts — 38 points
Andrea Thompson — 36 points
Olga Liashchuk — 34 points
Inez Carrasquillo — 31.5 points
Donna Moore — 21.5 points
Melissa Peacock — 20 points
Samantha Belliveau — 20 points
Hannah Linzay — 19 points
Tamara Walcott — 13.5 points

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Day One

The first day of competition kicked off with the massive Wheel of Pain, inspired by the torturous device that built Conan’s fictional strength and physique. Competitors had a 60-second time limit to carry a weighted bar around a fixed track for maximum distance.

The final event of the day is a specialized log lift. Competitors had 90 seconds to achieve as many repetitions as possible with either 195 kilograms (430 pounds) or 175 kilograms (385 pounds) — strongwomen lifted 122 kilograms (270 pounds) or 100 kilograms (220 pounds).

Points are adjusted in favor of the heavier weight, though some competitors may strategically use the lighter implement to yield more overall repetitions.

Women’s Wheel of Pain Results

Rebecca Roberts — 28.27 meters
Inez Carrasquillo — 19.53 meters
Donna Moore — 19.02 meters
Olga Liashchuk — 18.19 meters
Samantha Belliveau — 15.93 meters
Andrea Thompson — 15.8 meters
Victoria Long — 14.33 meters
Melissa Peacock — 12.04 meters
Tamara Walcott — 11.48 meters
Hannah Linzay — 11.2 meters

Men’s Wheel of Pain Results

Mateusz Kieliszkowski —30.68 meters
Trey Mitchell — 29.57 meters
Mitchell Hooper — 28.65 meters
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 28.02 meters
Tom Stoltman — 27.94 meters
Luke Stoltman — 25.07 meters
Tom Evans —24.61 meters
Kevin Faires — 23.44 meters
Rob Kearney — 21.31 meters
Bobby Thompson — 18.11 meters

Women’s Austrian Oak Log Press Results

Andrea Thompson — 5 reps (122 kilograms)
Olga Liashchuk — 4 reps (122 kilograms)
Inez Carrasquillo — 3 reps (122 kilograms)
Victoria Long — 2 reps (122 kilograms)
Samantha Belliveau — 7 reps (100 kilograms)
Rebecca Roberts — 6 reps (100 kilograms)
Melissa Peacock — 5 reps (100 kilograms)
Donna Moore — 3 reps (100 kilograms)
Hannah Linzay — 2 reps (100 kilograms)
Tamara Walcott — no reps

Men’s Austrian Oak Log Press Results

Trey Mitchell — 4 reps (195 kilograms)
Mitchell Hooper — 3 reps (195 kilograms)
Bobby Thompson — 3 reps (195 kilograms)
Rob Kearney — 2 reps (195 kilograms)
Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 1 rep (195 kilograms)
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 1 rep (195 kilograms)
Tom Stoltman  — 1 rep (195 kilograms)
Tom Evans — 1 rep (195 kilograms)
Luke Stoltman — 6 reps (175 kilograms)
Kevin Faires — 3 reps (175 kilograms)

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After two events Carrasquillo went into Day Two with an overall lead of one point. 2023 is Carrasquillo’s debut at the Arnold Pro Strongwoman Classic contest, having won the Arnold Amateur Strongwoman show in 2022. The narrow lead set her in front of Olga Liashchuk, a two-time Arnold Pro Strongwoman Classic winner (2019, 2020) and 2022 World’s Strongest Woman.

Among the Men, two-time Shaw Classic winner (2021, 2022) Trey Mitchell ended Day One two and a half points ahead of Mitchell Hooper. Hooper is the current (2022) Arnold Strongman Classic UK champion.

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Day Two

The contest continued Saturday, March 4. The livestream was provided courtesy of Rogue, below:

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Women’s Elephant Bar Deadlift Results

Competitors had three attempts to establish a one-rep maximum deadlift.

Victoria Long — 651 pounds
Tamara Walcott — 651 pounds
Andrea Thompson — 646 pounds
Olga Liashchuck — 636 pounds
Rebecca Roberts — 601 pounds
Melissa Peacock — 581 pounds
Inez Carrasquillo — 576 pounds
Donna Moore — 541 pounds
Hannah Linzay — 541 pounds
Samantha Belliveau — 506 pounds

Men’s Elephant Bar Deadlift Results

Competitors had three attempts to establish a one-rep maximum deadlift. This was considered a “record breaker” event and offered a $5,000 bonus prize should any lifter break the current elephant bar record of 1,046 pounds.

Bobby Thompson — 986 pounds
Mitchell Hooper — 981 pounds
Rob Kearney — 961 pounds
Trey Mitchell — 941 pounds
Kevin Faires — 901 pounds
Thomas Evans — 856 pounds
Luke Stoltman — 851 pounds
Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 811 pounds
Tom Stoltman — 801 pounds
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — no rep

Women’s Unspunnen Stone Throw Results

Competitors had three attempts to lift a 50-kilogram (110-pound) stone and throw it for maximum distance.

Victoria Long — 3.31 meters
Olga Liashchuck — 2.79 meters
Rebecca Roberts — 2.72 meters
Inez Carrasquillo — 2.68 meters
Hannah Linzay — 2.68 meters
Andrea Thompson — 2.51 meters
Samantha Belliveau — 2.35 meters
Melissa Peacock — 2.34 meters
Donna Moore — 2.31 meters
Tamara Walcott — 2.03 meters

Men’s Unspunnen Stone Throw Results

Competitors had three attempts to lift an 84-kilogram (185-pound) stone and throw it for maximum distance.

Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 3.47 meters
Thomas Evans — 3.23 meters
Mitchell Hooper — 3.19
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 3.15 meters
Bobby Thompson — 3.04 meters
Tom Stoltman — 2.96 meters
Luke Stoltman — 2.81 meters
Trey Mitchell — 2.71 meters
Rob Kearney — 2.46 meters
Kevin Faires — 2.07 meters

Women’s Frame Carry Results

The frame carry is a farmer’s walk variation, challenging competitors to lift a 230-kilogram (530-pound) wooden frame and proceed up an 11-meter long, inclined ramp as quickly as possible with a 30-second time limit. Adding to the difficulty, lifting straps (which aid grip strength) are not allowed.

Victoria Long — 6.36 seconds
Rebecca Roberts — 6.83 seconds
Andrea Thompson — 7.93 seconds
Hannah Linzay — 8.00 seconds
Donna Moore — 8.78 seconds
Melissa Peacock — 9.06 seconds
Inez Carrasquillo — 9.18 seconds
Samantha Belliveau — 12.35 seconds
Olga Liashchuck — 12.77 seconds
Tamara Walcott —10.46 meters

Men’s Frame Carry Results

The frame carry is a farmer’s walk variation, challenging competitors to lift a 400-kilogram (882-pound) wooden frame and proceed up an 11-meter long, inclined ramp as quickly as possible. Adding to the difficulty, lifting straps (which aid grip strength) are not allowed.

Mateusz Kieliszkowski — 8.35 seconds
Kevin Faires — 13.31 seconds
Mitchell Hooper — 14.61 seconds
Tom Stoltman — 5.97 meters
Pavlo Nakonechnyy — 5.33 meters
Luke Stoltman — 4.98 meters
Bobby Thompson — 4.55 meters
Thomas Evans — 4.14 meters
Rob Kearney — 1.56 meters
Trey Mitchell — No lift

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Roster | Men

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Roster | Women

Tamara Walcott (United States)
Andrea Thompson (United Kingdom)
Olga Liashchuk (Ukraine)
Inez Carrasquillo (United States)
Melissa Peacock (Canada)
Hannah Linzay (United States)
Rebecca Roberts (United Kingdom)
Victoria Long (United States)
Samantha Belliveau (Canada)
Donna Moore (United Kingdom)

2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Events

Here’s the complete event schedule for both days of the competition.

Day One

Wheel of Pain
Austrian Oak Log Press

Day Two

Elephant Bar Deadlift
Unspunnen Stone Throw
Frame Carry

How Strongman is Scored

Scoring points in competitive strongman events relates to the overall field of competitors. First place can earn as many points as there are competitors, and points descend accordingly.

For example, with 10 competitors in total, first place earns 10 points; second place receives nine; third receives eight; and so on.

In the event of any tied scores, points are split evenly. If two athletes tie for a position, add up the respective placing points and divide by two. For example, if two athletes tie for second place, they would each earn 8.5 points (nine [second place] plus eight [third place] divided by two).

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Watch More as The Contest Continues

After one day of intense competition, the elite athletes will have less than a day’s rest before returning for more bone-stressing, mind-bending feats of strength.

It’s not too late to tune in and watch the competitors in action. To watch the strongman competitions, head to Rogue Fitness’ YouTube channel. For the bodybuilding events, fans can visit FanMio to purchase the pay-per-view for $59.99. It can be played on any Apple device, as well as on an Android TV, Google TV, and Amazon’s Fire TV.

Featured Image: big_zesty_strongman / Instagram

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