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Jay Cutler Shares Advice During “Fit for 50” Shoulder and Triceps Workout


Even in a well-earned retirement, four-time Mr. Olympia (2006-2007, 2009-2010) Jay Cutler has made it a point to keep up with his physical fitness and nutrition. Over his various media platforms, the 49-year-old bodybuilding icon regularly posts training updates, his latest goals, and wisdom to those who may want to follow in his footsteps. As Cutler starts to look ahead to a life milestone — he turns 50 on Aug. 3, 2023 — he’s diligently working on staying healthy.

On Nov. 28, 2022, Cutler shared a video on his YouTube where he works through a shoulder and triceps routine that features 11 separate exercises (including some calves finishers). He says it’s a part of a personal challenge as he nears the next phase of his fitness life.

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Pre-workout, Cutler discussed how his work in the gym is going these days. While he’s stayed in the public eye with recent back workouts from the 2022 calendar year, he hasn’t always outlined his current physical state. Based on the sentiments surrounding this recent workout, Cutler doesn’t seem to be in a rush. He’s gradually pushing ahead to his long-term goals.

“Training is going well,” Cutler explains. “We’re working toward that ‘Fit for 50.’ I got up and did the stairs this morning. I’m on a mission, dude. I only did 30 minutes, so I’m not in the full swing of things.”

As for why he’s staying so dedicated in the gym and the kitchen, Cutler expresses that this routine is part of what he calls an ongoing “planned transformation” with his 50th birthday getting closer by the month. In mid-October 2022, after posing with influencer Lexx Little, some had speculated Cutler was seeking a competitive return as a Masters bodybuilder. He quickly squashed those rumors, noting he simply wants to maintain a high level of individual health.

Here’s an overview of Cutler’s complete shoulders and triceps workout from a glance:

Jay Cutler | “Fit for 50” Shoulders and Triceps Workout

Seated High-Incline Dumbbell Shoulder Press — Three sets
Seated Chest Supported Lateral Raise — Two sets
Machine Rear Delt Cable Crossover — One set
Incline Barbell Front Raise — One set
Incline Rear Delt Flye — Two sets
Machine Triceps Extension — Two sets
Cable Triceps Pushdown — One set
Kneeling Rope Triceps Pushdown — Two sets
Seated Cable Overhead Triceps Extension — One set
Seated Calf Raise — One set
Leg Press Machine Calf Raise — One set

During the workout itself, Cutler maintains he’s occasionally changed up segments and focuses of his upper-body training splits. He remains proficient in this aspect of his training, but it doesn’t appear to be something he appreciates.

“I’ve gone back and forth,” Cutler said. “I did arms together, I did chest and triceps. But now I do shoulders and triceps. And ask me why I split arm training, where I train most of the body parts together like legs. I hate arms. For my first-time viewers, I hate training arms.”

Post-workout, Cutler explains that the window after one finishes working out is the most essential time to accumulate proper nutrition for recovery and strength-building. Regardless of one’s preference, Cutler says any way to get protein in the body as fast as possible is ideal.

“Post-workout nutrition is the most important food,” Cutler clarifies. “But the question is, are protein shakes better after training or is whole food better after training? I think having immediate protein to get your body that replenishment is always great. Then, follow-up with an hour of actual digestible food.” 

With no plans for a competitive return any time soon, Cutler is free to experiment with his workouts, training, and general influence on the bodybuilding world as he pleases. The living legend certainly appears to value the power he possesses with his massive platform, and it’s likely not something he takes lightly. For this strength sports titan, he can get “Fit for 50” at his own pace.

Featured image: JayCutlerTV on YouTube

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